If you step onto the roof tonight, you’re sure of surprise and delight.

If you are one with a curious mind, adventure is just in sight.

For within the darkness, we’ve carved something splendorous!

Captivated by flavours, stay warm by the embers and get lost in the northern lights,

For nestled in the eves of the city, we’ve created something, more than just pretty,

Tonight, why don’t you join us, and discover our Nordic Nights.



Imagine cozying up in your own private igloo, perched high above the city lights. The views are breathtaking, and the atmosphere is simply magical. This winter, we're taking you on a journey where every moment feels like a winter fairy tale.

No need to worry about the cold! Our luxurious igloos are designed to keep you snug and comfortable. Each one is equipped with plush blankets, heaters, and soft seating to ensure you stay warm while you enjoy the light projections reminiscent of the Northern Lights and the frosty panorama outside.

Grey Goose, the epitome of vodka excellence, has partnered with us to curate an exclusive winter cocktail menu. Savor these masterful creations, expertly mixed to complement the season's charm. From the zesty Winter Citrus Crush to the velvety Fireside Espresso Martini Cocktail, every sip is a celebration of the finer things in life.

Our igloos are perfect for intimate dinners, joyful gatherings, and unforgettable celebrations. Whether you're planning a romantic date night, a Christmas party, or a special family reunion, we have you covered.



Experience the height of luxury this winter with our exclusive partnership with Grey Goose.

Elevate your celebrations to new heights in our stunning rooftop igloos overlooking the iconic London skyline. Get ready to sip on the finest cocktails and enjoy breathtaking views in a cosy and magical setting.

Our luxury 10th floor rooftop igloos can be hired out for private and corporate events this festive season, get in touch to find out more.


Igloo Terms & Conditions


Made without compromise, GREY GOOSE® is made with the highest-quality ingredients and has a 100% traceable production process, from crop to cork. It is the quintessential French vodka, made in France using only two ingredients – the finest soft winter wheat and limestone-filtered spring water. It is incredibly smooth and inspired by very best that nature has to offer.

Cocktails are elevated to new heights with GREY GOOSE® Vodka, making them the perfect accompaniment to enjoy while taking in the Nordic Nights experience at Aviary

Igloo Terms & FAQ's

Please note that on special occasion dates such as Christmas day, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day and larger party bookings may differ from the below and you should speak to our events team directly for exact details.

When are your igloos available?
Igloos are currently available to book from Friday 20th October 2023.

How much do they cost?
We have reasonable minimum spends for all our igloos which include VAT and can be met with food, drinks and an optional 12.5% service charge. The minimum spend is stated to you along the booking journey and is the full amount you authenticate your card details for. Please note minimum spends may depend on the number of guests so if your party size changes be sure to get in contact with our events team so we can update you.

What menu will I be having?
Our bespoke food and drinks menus will be available soon, watch this space!

How many guests does each igloo accommodate?
Your party will always have the igloo privately for groups of 4 or more. We can host up to a maximum of 8 people per igloo.

Do I need to pre-order any food or drinks?
Yes, we will ask you to place your order a week before your booking, please speak to our events team for details.

Where are your igloos located?
We have igloos available on the 10th floor rooftop, boasting beautiful views of London's skyline.

How long do I have the igloo for?
Our day and evening igloos are available in 2-hour timeslots.

What time does my booking start?
We have set timeslots for both igloos. For the latest availability, please use our online booking form. If you wish to stay longer you can book multiple time slots. Minimum spends apply for all booking slots and subject to availability.

Is there a view from the igloo?
Yes. Our igloo structures are made from glass and you can see the beautiful London skyline from within them. You can also walk out of the igloo onto the terrace and admire the view.

What is your cancellation policy?
We generally require 48 hours’ notice. Notify us via email by replying to your booking confirmation voicemail, social media messages and phone calls cannot be accepted as cancellation notice. Some bookings may require further notice, and you would be notified of this along the booking journey.

Can I bring decorations?
Our igloos have been expertly styled; therefore we kindly ask guests not to bring decorations with them.

Is the igloo heated/air-conditioned?
In the colder months, the igloos do have heaters, but we still advise you to wear clothing to suit the weather. In the warmer months, they have a ‘window’ at the top to let fresh air in and you can also leave the door open if you wanted to.

I’m trying to book online but can’t see them?
Our igloos are only available to book from 20th October 2023, be sure to check any date up to then. Our online booking shows the most up to date availability, so if your preferred date and time is unavailable, likely, they are fully booked. Due to high demand, we do advise booking as early as possible.

Do I pay in advance or on the day?
To secure your booking, you will be asked to authenticate your card which is not a deposit payment. No money will be taken from your card (unless you violate T's and C’s like cancel with less than 48-hour notice) so please pay in full on the day

Can under 18’s join us in the igloo?
Yes, daytime only, up to 6 pm and when accompanied by responsible adults. At least half the party must be over 18.